Other secondary materials

ALL recycling deals with collection and recycling of household and hazardous waste. We continuously improve this part of our business and offer the following materials to the processors of recyclable materials:

  • All types of accumulators (Pb, Ni-Cd, Ni-Fe, Ni-Mh, Li-ion and other) and galvanic elements
  • Disposed electric and electronic appliances; whole (TV sets, monitors, refrigerators etc.) and their components:
    • computer circuits;
    • power supply units;
    • processors;
    • cases (plastic, metal)
    • wires and cables;
    • hard disks and disk drive;
  • plastics and PET waste;
  • paper, carton, wood waste;
  • glass waste;
  • rubber, gum elastic waste;
  • disposed vehicle tyres;
  • exhaust oil and oil filters.