The Company has gained great experience in the field of aluminium alloy production. We improve regularly both our production facilities and melting knows-how. We keep track of all latest innovations in the field of scrap metal processing.

We produce secondary aluminium alloys in rigid pursuance of alloy specification, included in the international standards. We also can produce ingots meeting customers’ individual needs and requests.

Aluminium scrap is being put into reverberatory furnace. While metal is smelting, lava’ s chemical analysis inspection and correction is being performed by different additives: Silicium, potash (AlF3), Manganese (Mn), Iron (Fe), Nickel (Ni), Titanium (Ti) and etc.

Lava is being mixed and outgassed several times.

Samples of alloy are being checked in spectral-analytical laboratory SPECTROMAXx

Chemical analysis of every melt is specified in the Quality Certificate issued to Customer. Every melt is provided with ready „mushroom” sample, to make more convenient chemical analysis control by our customers. The second copy of the sample is kept in the Company to make independent expertise of alloy quality in case of customer eventual claim.

Specialists of the Company perform not only chemical analysis control, but also certainly always take visual production inspection.

Ingots are being cooled after production, then stacked up in bundles. Weight and dimensions of every bundle are being precisely measured, and specified in the Packing List.

Ingots produced are kept in specially equipped dry storehouse, where they are protected from oxidation and dust.